Friday, April 28, 2006

Back Blog - Lakme Fashion Week: The Pics

Lakme Fashion Week was my second time in Bombay and the start of my crazy month. i really did not get a chance to truly explore the city because our lifes were consumed by all that is fashion.

Supporting Dev and Nil during their first fashion week was definitely a very exciting experience. Team D (after Dev r Nil's label d.) consisted of: The Energetic Neela, the Lovely Lilly, (all the way from Ghana) The Handsome Ravi, and with special guest apperances by Jennifer, Lauren, Alana and Ryan. I feel comfindent in speaking for all of us in sayinig that the week in Bombay was a blasst full of suprises. Including makign new friends in the kids in the booth across from us who represented Edwin Pinto shoes (Rochelle, Avantika and Danny) as well as the peeps from the breast cancer booth (Minelli, Parul, and Nishita). For me it was great also having Ravi around who I had not seen since September, and helping get a bit re acquainted with Bombay, which he had not visited in over 16 years.

These meager pics really do not make justice to all that occured that week (the parties, the press conferences, the wardrobe malfunctions, the crazy guest house owner yelling at the Nil and Dev, Dev insulting to the old guy "You are such a rotten old man that the vultures will not eat you when you die!" and refusing to leave). Aahh, memories.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back Blog - Memoirs of a Road Trip: Post Trip

(Still playing catch-up with my pics and email please bare with me. I'm trying to be caught up by Saturday.)

Below are snaps from the weekend trip to Bombay (my first time in this particular city). There is no better way to get to know a city than with a group that consists of native Bombayites (Ameet), city familiars both Indian (Manu and Sushil) and expats (Alana and Ryan), and another city newbie (Mark).

For the record the food in Mumbai is amazing the variety and quality of restaurants here is fabulous. Including the black forest cake that we got at the Taja Mahal Hotel to commemorate Ameet's pre-30th birthday.

Many thanks to all of them for making the experince so incredibly memorable.

Mark crusing the train lines

The ONLY time the trains are empty in Mumbai

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back Blog - Leisure Life in Kerala

As I do my bi-annual changing of wardrobe from hot climate clothing to hotter climate attire, I'm taking a moment to catch my breath (cuz I really haven't had a chance to catch up on email since my whirlwind upheaval to Mumbai - I haven't even had a chance to really check it. Sorry to all those of you that are feeling ignore it is not intentional I promise it is only temporary). So here are some pics from my infamous Kerala trip, sans worms.

Pictured below are scenes from Kottayam, Kerala's famous backwaters, Allephy, and Kovalam.

The price goes to whoever can figure this one out!

The old (fisher) man and the sea