Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sawatdii Krap

I'm currently residing in Bangkok (which I learned today means City of Angels, how cool eh?). I started settling in, started Thai language classes, joined a gym, now I need a job!! I'm sharing a cute little studio with Ravi, but my meager savings will only go so far. SO wish me luck, or even better send me contacts :-P

I'm hoping to pick up the blog again and start to post pictures soon, but in the mean time you can catch up on my trip stateside with Anthony through his blog. He has amazing pics, even if the narrative is a bit skimpy.
Talk to you soon!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Out Of Office: In Limbo

So I have been out of India for 6 weeks now. Damn its scary how the older you get the faster time seems to pass. I have been unemployed for 6 whole weeks and it feels like i just left.

There is plenty to talk about of course. But I'm still on lazy ass mode. So what I will do for now is link you over to Anthony's blog so you can delight yourself with our vacation pictures. Or at least the ones that he has gotten of his lazy ass to post (he's using some lame excuse about being hospitalized as an excuse for the delay - wateva!)
I leave for Thailand on the 13th to try my luck. Apparently jobs are a bit hard to come bye at the mo'. Let's see.