Sunday, October 01, 2006

Q: How do you know you have adapted to your new country?

A: When you are no longer addicted to Pepto-Bismol!

Warning: The following post contains graphic commentary of a gastro-intestinal nature.

The meeting in Delhi had a significant number of foreigners (and by foreigners I mean white people) who had come to India representing their particular piece of the Asia/Pacific Region pie (and interestingly enough there where more white people coming from Thailand than there were Thais, what is that about!?).

But what warmed my cockles in a metaphorical sense were the Ozzies, New Zealanders, and North Americans (because the North American whites have to get their hands into everything), and Brits. The reason for this euphoria wasn't so much based on a sexual desire (though some were quite delicious) but more to do that all of them succumb to one degree or another to the infamous Delhi Belly!

Not that I take particular pleasure in the misery of others (though all who know schadenfreude, but what do they know!), but it did feel good to realize that I can't remember the last time I had a stomach upset. God knows that the first six months I practically lived in the bathroom. And I had actually ran out, much to my dread, of Pepto-Bismol. That is until Chirag's timely arrival in April with a case. But as I inventoried this weekend, I have actually used barely any of it. I have given some to visiting friends, but have really not had to take any in a long time.

Could my intestines actually have adapted to the bacterial flora of India!? Did I survive a year in India without dysentery, cholera, or any other unpleasant but effective method to loose weight?
Do I try not to drink the tap water, I have on occasions and I haven't even gotten gas out of it. How am I supposed to bitch about this country, if my body now thinks its a local!?

Now I need to find a new way to loose weight, having Baskin Robbins delivery on my speed dial and no convenient way to get rid of the excess fat is not a cute combination.