Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back Blog: Mexico Trip - Random Images of DF

To finally put this line of entries to rest, I want to close with a few pictures of el Distrito Federal.

La Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo - it was a beautiful house inside but you couldn't take pictures
The courtyard of El Palacio Nacional - with amazing Diego Rivera murals
El Palacio de Bellas Artes - a truly stunning building. David and I watched the Ballet Folklórico de México

DF has some amazing outdoor art
Not sure what I was up to here, but I wanted a picture of me up :-)
Why is there a statue of Gandhi in Mexico?

David HAD to have his shoes shined

How anonimous is it if there is a big sign outside?

The flag waving proudly

I don't know what she was about, but thought she was so cool. You have to love eccentrics.

Mexico City vistas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Back Blog: Mexico Trip - Los Voladores

So trying to finish my Mexico City entries (considering I've been at it for 4 months now - pathetic, I know) I wanted to post the pictures of Los Voladores de Papantla. It's basically Mexico's version of the Maypole Dance, but way scarier and way cooler. Apparently the dance, has ritualistic roots.

Here is a video that someone took to give you an idea of what is going on:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Backblog: Mexico Trip - Teotihuacán

Continuing the much delayed posting of the summer trip to Mexico, it is time for Peanut to show his pictures. As we know Peanut does enjoy his outings, and this trip was no different.

We went to Teotihuacán, and aside of having to climb the Pyramid of the Sun (and its endless steps - though not for Peanut because the lazy git just hitched a ride up on my shoulder) it actually was a great day out. The weather was absolutely perfect warm with a light breeze. We go there before the buses full of fat American tourists arrived. And after walking around the archaeological site for a bit we had a tasty, yet expensive lunch.

Peanut was really looking forward to the Pyramids - he wants to be an archaeologist when we grows up.

And from this high up you can see the nice smog cloud which covers the State of Mexico valley.

Aren't we cute :-)

Nopales with tuna (also known as prickly pear, I will say - I tried the leaf, I tried the fruit - it wasn't for me)

Oh no, Peanut is going to get eaten!

La Gruta - the food was overpriced, but you can't beat the ambience.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Backblog: Mexico Trip - Vera Cruz

So last month Anthony and I went on a short trip to Mexico City (he was working the flight, I just tagged along) and though he is usually pretty good about chronicling his work trips, for some reason this particular one fell on the wayside. Not that I am insecure or anything, but I do wonder if it has to do with me having gone with him. Anyway, with the crappy weather in London I was inspired to finish posting my pics from Mexico (from back when I went in August) and hopefully this will encourage Anthony to finally post about Mexico.

So after the International AIDS Conference ended, I decided to stay in Mexico for an extra week and hang out with David since this was my first time in the country. Well it turns out that David's family was already planning a weekend to the beach - lucky me! They being the hospitable spics that they are, invited me to come along; and me being cheap and up for anything said yes.

So the family and me (all 10 of us) got up early, prepared some snacks, crammed ourselves into 2 cars and drove the 5 hours to Vera Cruz. Road trip! It was great fun. The weather was perfect, the view was scenic, and it provided the perfect escape that we all needed.

So just to rub it in a little, and because I am sick of the British winter here are some pics from that trip.

El Popo - between Mexico City and Puebla you can catch a glimpse of one of Mexico's most famous volcanoes.

I was in awe of this beautiful misty valley

Group Picture! The Diaz-Trujillo Family and Me :-)

Big ass mango on a stick What would a beach weekend be, without burying someone in the sand?
Ok, yes it was hot, and the water was refreshing, and I can understand seating under an umbrella in the sand...but seating under an umbrella in the water!? - for the record, they were not with us.
David passed out - we did come for some R&R after all.
David trying to work it. He doesn't look half bad for a Mexican.
Even the fish like pork rinds :-)
I think I got a bit too much sun :-) I had forgotten what that felt like
Downtown Vera Cruz is beautiful, full of life and music
And dancing in the streets.

Yeah good times were had :-)